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Thursday, July 9, 2009

INTERVIEW | Actor Brooks Ashmanskas

I was lucky enough to snag Brooks Ashmanskas, a WTF staple who is currently acting in KNICKERBOCKER and hosting the first Cabaret, for a few questions.

    [Dramaturg] Sarah Slight: What is your history with the Cabarets at WTF?

    Brooks Ashmanskas: I have seen many Cabarets here in Williamstown because I've been coming since the '90's, but I have been involved with only one as a performer (last season I sang a song with some apprentice gals; THEY were great!).

    SS: Why do you think they asked you to host?

    BA: I think they asked me to host because I was "available" and Kris (Kukul) and I have some history from doing last year's show. Someone else might say they think I'm funny and good at this sort of thing, but they would be wrong.....we'll see how it goes.

    SS: What is the most fun thing about the Cabaret?

    BA: By far THE reason to get involved with the Cabaret is to see/hear the young people at the festival have a night to just be as brilliant as they can be—I always find myself very moved by how talented these kids (I say that with respect...and because I'M OLD!) are.

    Should be fun!

[photo] Andy Tew for © WTF ’08 [pictured] Brooks Ashmanskas in SHE LOVES ME, Dir. Nicholas Martin

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