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Sunday, July 5, 2009

WTFaces | Connor “Mac” Smith, Assistant Production Manager

Name: Connor “Mac” Smith

Department: Production

Position: APM (Assistant Production Manager) of Workshop

Years with Festival: 2

Hometown: New York City

Job Outside the Festival: Irish Repertory Theatre, 4 years as Production Coordinator

School/Training: Freshmen at University of North Carolina School of the Arts

Favorite Playwrights: Shakespeare, Patrick Hamilton, Eugene O’Neil , Yeats

Favorite Plays: GAS LIGHT, KING LEAR

Favorite Non-Theatre Activities: Building model air planes, wandering around New York City looking for new small shops and good pizza.

How did you get your position/how did you find out about WTF?

I first heard about WTF from [Lighting Designer] Ken Posner and his assistant. They told me that if I really wanted to see if I wanted to spend the rest of my life in lighting that I should apply to be an intern. After an intense summer of lighting and little sleep I swore that I would never go back. However as the summer grew closer I started to miss the people and the WTF family. I love working in production because I get to see how all the shows come together.

What is your first or favorite memory of Williamstown?

My first and favorite memory of Williamstown is the morning after myself and two other electrics interns had worked an overnight shift and the lack of sleep began to affect us. We were sent on a mission to find some equipment that it was later discovered did not exist. Because we could not find it we started looking in random places that we knew it could not be in. I got ahead of the others and hid inside a box and jumped out and scared them. This began an hour of unstoppable giggles that continued until we were told we could go home.

What are your responsibilities this summer?

My title is the Assistant Production Manager of Workshop. This summer I am the liaison between the Workshop staff and the Production manager. I am in charge of the director studio and managing the fellowship play and musical. I will be keeping an eye on the late night electrics load in, along with the set load in.

What are you most looking forward to?

This summer I am excited to be able to work close with the directors in the workshop office. I am also excited to be in the production office and watch how the main stage and Nikos shows come together.

To what do you aspire?

Beginning in the fall I will be attending University of North Carolina School of the Arts for lighting design.

[photo] Sam Hough for © WTF ’09 [pictured] Connor "Mac" Smith

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