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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fridays@3 Reading Schedule

Don’t miss the remaining readings this season!

Mistakes Were Made JULY 17

by Craig Wright

Theatre producer, Felix Artifex works and works all day from his desk. At any moment all ten of his phone lines could be full of people wanting and needing something. His only comfort is a huge, ugly Koi goldfish that lives in a tank in his office. As he tries to put his latest project—Mistakes Were Made, a play about the French Revolution— together he must appease a Hollywood star’s creative input, gently make suggestions to the writer, deal with agents, and free Italian-Americans carting trucks of sheep in a foreign land from a terrorist all in the name of theatre. At the end of the day, one wonders, is it worth it?

Sense of an Ending JULY 24

by Ken Urban

Charles, an African-American journalist, gets assigned to write a piece on the genocide in Rwanda through the story of two nuns being tried for crimes against humanity. These nuns are accused of knowing about the mass murder that happened within their church walls and doing nothing about it. Through his guide and another local man he meets, Charles struggles to understand the many crimes against humanity happening in Rwanda and ultimately

must decide how to tell the story.

Samuel J. and K. JULY 31

by Mat Smart

Samuel J. surprises his adopted brother, Samuel K., with a trip back to his birth country of Cameroon for college graduation—but Samuel K. has no desire to face a place and a past that abandoned him. Samuel J. and K. challenges the traditional definitions of family and asks if a place we’ve only imagined can become home overnight.

Potomac Fever AUGUST 7

by Steve Lawson

Congresswoman Kendall Chase fights for her bill on child nutrition but she soon learns she’ll have to play the game in order to get it passed, and as a woman on Capitol Hill, she has more than her personal image to protect. Whiles she maneuvers through the political world of men, Kendall must decide what she can sacrifice and what she cannot.

ALL READINGS @ 3 PM in the Paresky Center

(Williams College Campus right off Main Street)

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