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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Welcome to "Within The Festival"

Blogging seems to be the newest trend for theatre companies—along with Facebook and Twitter—and I understand the development. It is the fastest and most convenient way to present you, our audience, with a total behind the scenes look at what is going on here at the festival that would have been impossible before.

I’ve enlisted a lot of help generating content that, I hope, enriches your experience of the Festival. Assistant directors, dramaturgs, and other staff members will provide entries that focus on all seven shows as well as other special projects. Because a new show opens every week, I’ve established a standard weekly schedule that we will follow:

Mondays—Extended Preview.

• Includes all of the events happening in the upcoming week.

Tuesdays—Interview Day.

• It could be an actor, designer, director, playwright or stage manager working on the show that opens that week or someone interesting from the festival.

Wednesdays—Dramaturgical Research.

• Information that you won’t find in the program for the show opening that week.

Thursdays—Special Feature.

• On the show opening that week that covers something interesting related to the show and/or rehearsal process.

Fridays—Opening Night.

• Photos, quotes and stories from the theatre, backstage and opening night parties.

By clicking the links in the column on the right, you can also find information on other events and programs including Free Theatre, Cabaret, Fridays@3 readings, and Workshop shows.

Thanks for visiting the blog. Check back often!

-Sarah Slight, Literary Associate (pictured)

[photo] Sam Hough for WTF ’09

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