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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hello from the Literary Department!

In its 57 years of existence, Williamstown Theatre Festival has developed an outstanding artistic legacy of supporting extremely gifted playwrights. This fabulous season is no exception to the rule. We in the Literary Department here at the Festival are excited to be a small but mighty force that helps to support both these playwrights and their work.

Throughout the season, we’ll be giving shout-outs and interviews to playwrights we love here at the Festival, and you’ll be getting a sneak peek at what they’re up to now since they last spent time with us. We’ll also be giving you an inside look at the processes behind programs like Fridays@3, the Workshop’s Fellowship and directing projects, and our Nikos Stage productions. You will discover some interesting tidbits about the incredible artistic energy that WTF exudes every summer. We’ll be searching for answers to such burning questions as: What are some great new plays to see and new writers to follow? What’s happening with that brilliant play from a previous season? What fantastic new heights has the playwright’s work reached? Do they brush their teeth up and down or side to side?

Stay tuned for more from the literary department and your favorite playwrights. Feel free to leave us comments about those writers and plays you can’t stop thinking about. They may even end up in one of our posts!

Pictured (nerdy and fabulous) from left to right: Eric Shethar (Literary Intern), Anne Joy (Literary Intern), Stephen Sanders (Literary Associate), Rachel Lerner-Ley (Literary Assistant)


Jessica said...

Love the picture!

Rutherford said...

Until now, I was the nerd of the house, but only because I kept the computers and printers operating. Now my son Eric has joined the ranks! What a feeling! Actually, I didn't think Eric knew how to read...I thought he was just 'staying up'.

Looking forward to meeting all of you.

Williamstown Theatre Festival said...

Rutherford - Eric is one of our favorites. We're looking forward to meeting you too!

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