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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Special Feature | Jeff Buckley and William Shakespeare in Dialogue Across 400 Years

by Kristin Idaszak, Dramaturg

Jeff Buckley
“My skin is tight underneath the tear, dried upon my cheeks the night I cried.
When I smiled Good Morning to you, my crow's feet let you know that I lied.
Please let me give these gifts of mine to the woman who eyes shined on my back
as I slept. I left you because I loved you.”

William Shakespeare
“There's beggary in the love that can be reckon'd.”

Jeff Buckley
“And though the meaning fits, there's no relief in this. I miss my beautiful friend.”

William Shakespeare
“How heavy do I journey on the way
When what I seek, my weary travel’s end,
Doth teach that ease and that repose to say,
Thus far the miles are measur’d from thy friend.”

Jeff Buckley
“I am a man enclosed in quotation marks, ever since I took a drink of you.”

William Shakespeare
“If music be the food of love, play on,
Give me excess of it that, surfeiting,
The appetite may sicken and so die.
That strain again, it had a dying fall.”

Jeff Buckley
“I'm lying in my bed, blanket is warm.. this body will never keep me safe from harm.
I still feel your hair, black ribbons of coal. Touch my skin to keep me whole. If only you'd come back to me.”

William Shakespeare
“When most I wink, then do mine eyes best see
For all the day they view things unrespected;
But when I sleep, in dreams they look on thee,
And darkly bright, are bright in dark directed…
All days are nights to see till I see thee,
And nights bright days when dreams do show thee me.”

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