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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Special Feature | Where Would You Disappear?

I asked the cast and creative team of Samuel J. and K. “If you could ‘disappear’ anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?” Here are their responses:

Mat Smart, Playwright—“I would like to disappear into the ivy on the outfield walls of Wrigley Field. Just for the summer. In the winter, I would like to disappear into El Ateneo in Buenos Aires. It is a huge old theatre that's been converted to the best book shop in the world. But of course, our winter is the Southern Hemisphere's summer—so for the ‘real’ winter, Minneapolis. Where's it's easy to disappear when it's -15 degrees for weeks a time. The fall to Calistoga. The spring to New York City. And New Year’s Eve in Reykjavik.”

Michael Rico Cohen, Stage Manager—“I would disappear to one of those little tiny unnamed islands in a big body of water. Close enough to the mainland to swim back, but remote enough for peace and quiet.”

Denise Chiarella, Assistant Director—“There is a small borgo in Italy with winding craggy streets whose stones have been covered by the soot and washed by the rain for thousands of years. Each morning the women struggle up the steep hill carrying straw baskets to fill with the brightest colored fruits and vegetables I have ever seen. Most are still sleeping within the thick protective walls of the ancient village as the daily bread truck arrives with a toot of its horn and the shutters open and close on the piazza. I have been there, disappearing among its people, hiding from what I left behind, comforted by its anonymity, tranquility, and safety. And as the days, weeks and months passed, I heard my name called -- from the crowded open market and from inside shop doors—and I discovered that one can never truly disappear because that new place had become life itself. “

Justin Waldman, Director—“My couch.”

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