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Friday, July 31, 2009


Thanks to the Williams Inn for another great party!

[photos] Sam Hough for WTF ’09 [pictured] (1) Edward Herrmann, Jessica Hecht; (2) John Rubinstein, Becky Ann Baker, Andrea Martin; (3) Katherine McGrath, Edward Herrmann; (4) Andrea Martin, Justin Waldman; (5) Jane Mayer, Justin Waldman, Becky Ann Baker; (6) David Korins, Kerry Gibbons, Phil Soltanoff; (7) Marian Seldes, Edward Herrmann; (8) Irene Sofia Lucio, Kate Pines, Matthew Strother; (9) Ashton Heyl, Mike Donahue, Kate Pines; (10) Jake DeGroot, Joel M. Krause, Justin Waldman, Jane Mayer, M. Spencer Henderson; (11) Sarah Slight, Mat Smart; (12) David A. Sexton, Isabella F. Byrd, Mark Parenti; (13) Molly Kerns, Andrea Martin; (14) Christopher Metzger, Sarah Gosnell; (15) Julia Borowski, Bethany Weingarten, Joel M. Krause, Hillary A. Sexton

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