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Friday, July 24, 2009

THUNDER Opening Night Party!

Thanks to Mezze Bistro + Bar for a terrific opening night party following the World Premiere performance of WHAT IS THE CAUSE OF THUNDER?

[photos] © Sam Hough for WTF ’09
[pictured] (1) Betty Gilpin, Wendie Malick; (2) Betty Gilpin, Annie Parisse; (3) Noah Haidle, Jessica Collins; (4) James Waterston, Justin Waldman; (5) Matthew Strother, Wendie Malick; (6) Ben Walker, Mamie Gummer, Steve Lawson; (7) Leonard Waldman, Wendie Malick, Justin Waldman; (8) Eric Kerns, Kevin O'Rourke, Brian Stevens; (9) James Waterston, Wendie Malick, Kris Kukul; (10) Irene Sofia Lucio, Amanda Charlton, Christopher Diamond; (11) Steve Lawson, James Waterston, Margaret McComish, Magnus Bernhardsson, Tracy Finnegan; (12) Paul Sparks, Annie Parisse, Paul J. Smith; (13) Eric Kerns, Molly Kerns. (14) Wendie Malick, Frances Ines Rodriguez; (15) Tara Traeder, Justin Waldman; (16) Becca Euliss, Reed Wilkerson; (17) Kevin Sullivan, Joe Finnegan, Steve Lawson; (18) Kris Kukul, Daniel Hartley, Gayle Rankin; (19) John Doherty, Dominic Spillane, Ashton Heyl; (20) Stephen Kunken, Paul J. Smith; (21) Kizzie Autumn Martin, Leo A. Martin, IV, Jeannette Lee Porter; (22) Justin Waldman, Deborah Waldman, Leonard Waldman, Tara Traeder; (23) Sarah Slight, Matthew Meier

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